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Sustainable change is more likely if the self awareness, strategies and skills are practised daily in real life situations. A person may feel more ownership and commitment to the change if they understand the theory and ‘why’ behind the skills and strategies they are learning and can build up their confidence learning in small, manageable steps with someone they trust. This is why we developed the TLC Toolkit. Our tool kits are designed as modular programs that puts the power back into the hands of the individual. Our programs, training and assessments can help with:


Lifeskills Programs

Life Skills Programs

Our comprehensive life skills programs have been developed from years of practical and in-community experience with our clients. These allow for the patient to identify and area of life where they would like to grow and evolve. The TLC team then support and guide them through this process.

Desensitisation Program​s

Many people we work with express a desire to engage or re-engage with their community. The challenge can be when anxiety and/or panic attacks prevent them from doing this. At TLC, we regularly support people to become more comfortable in these situations whether it be leaving the house, catching public. transport or being in a crowd. In this program, we help you understand;

Expression Programs

An important part of engaging with your community is finding healthy ways to communicate and express yourself. Our expression programs offer unique tools and strategies to express yourself and reduce stress, improve self-esteem and self awareness.

Understanding the TLC Assessment Toolkit

TLC commonly use the industry standard of assessments to better understand each persons skillset and how we can best help. We understand they can seem daunting so we have created a summary of each assessment and how they are used.

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