Trauma Focused Therapy

What is Trauma Focused Therapy?

Trauma-Focused Therapy or TFT is an approach to therapy that helps us understand and recognise how a traumatic experience impacts a person. Trauma can impact a person’s mental, behavioral, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. By understanding the trauma, we can become more conscious of the emotions surrounding it and how our mind is processing it. 

Through TFT, TLC safely exposes people to both the situations and the memories that are so frightening to them such as flashbacks or nightmares. This allows clients to understand their trauma and learn to cope with it and the emotions surrounding it more effectively.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is commonly believed to have to be one specific traumatic event or abuse that occurred but trauma can occur and manifest differently for each person. This is why Trauma-Focused Therapy is important. It helps you understand trauma and what coping mechanisms and responses may have developed that are limiting your ability to fully embrace life.

What are Trauma responses?

How is TFT used?

Many of our clients have experienced long term trauma and abuse, either as a child or an adult. TFT assists with processing traumatic memories, overcoming problematic thoughts and behaviors and developing effective coping and interpersonal skills. This allows our clients to overcome major barriers and reach their full potential in their daily life.

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