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Who are we?

Our Team Includes:

Our team of counsellors, psychologists, therapists and social workers was put together to specially support support individuals and/or their families in dealing with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and the challenges of change. uor specialists have expertise in:

Our Team

Meet Our Counselling and Therapy Experts

Claudia Gibson

Director and Psychologist

Claire Colwell

Practice Manager

Sabrina Morris

Assistant Practice Manager, Senior Social Worker, Behavioural Support Practitioner

Anthony Sullivan

Provisional Psychologist

Iman Arafeh

Provisional Psychologist

Leslie Galaud

Provisional Psychologist

Natalie Winter

Therapy Assistant

Sharon Garvin

Registered Psychologist

Deborah Paterson


Narelle Walker


Michelle Mason

Registered Psychologist

Alana Bosgra

Art Therapist

Nadia Trunina


Kieran Whitworth

Support Coordinator

Heather Cutcheon

Support Coordinator

Dan Tolra



What are we about?

TLC’s is about commitment and persistence.  

We, as  a group of Psychologists and Counsellors, show that commitment and persistence every day!

TLC is responsive to your needs and committed to your personal and professional growth in life, but always respecting you as an individual.

We believe we demonstrate these values with our clients and all who work within TLC.

  1. We take the time to understand the participant, their present situation, acknowledge their needs, challenges and goals.
  2. We work with the you to identify what psychological support are needed to build capacity. We then develop a plan to move forward with the right level of engagement
  3. We provided ongoing support to help reach your goals.
  4. As you move to a review we gain an understanding of the goals needed for the next plan and develop a detailed report outlining the therapuetic supports that will help each person

We are an organisation that has a blend of Psychologists, Counsellors and Therapy Assistants with extensive experience working in community and supporting people facing any of lifes challenges

  • Lifestyle Transitions
  • Self-management
  • Social Skills Growth
  • Grief and Loss
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger Issues
  • Panic Attacks

Due to the nature of TLC's unique approach and service delivery model we are regularly asked to support participants with complex Psycho-Social needs and help them in finding a way forward.

We work with the participant to develop their capacity to live an independant, fulfilling life.

Our success is measured by a participant's quality of life improving to the point their need for support through TLC diminishes and is no longer required

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