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Support Coordination

A Healthy Space and Transforming Life in Change now offer Support Coordination services. Our Support Coordinators help you navigate your NDIS plan, find services, and budget your supports effectively. 

The NDIS can be confusing and overwhelming, but the job of a Support Coordinator is to provide you with their wealth of knowledge regarding the NDIS, local and wider community, alongside connections with many organisations that also provide services to NDIS participants.

What a Support Coordinator does?

A support coordinator is your NDIS guide. The NDIS is a confusing and fast changing system. It’s hard to know what you can, can’t or shouldn’t do with your funding. A support coordinator will sit down with you and discuss your options to help you understand the ins and outs of how you can utilise your NDIS plan to achieve your goals. They will rally and advise other professionals around you to help you build the life you seek.


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