Art Therapy

How can TLC's art therapy help?

Our minds store and process information in many ways other than talking. Sometimes, a person may not feel safe to speak about a difficulty but can explore and express this in a creative way.

Some individuals feel open and comfortable with creative expression and others may feel unsure or believe they are not creative.


What are Creative Therapies?

Creative therapies can involve not just drawing and painting! Our therapists use a range of media and resources to engage with the clients’ individual preferences and interests.

Poetry, art and art history, clay, collage and puzzles, music (both listening, singing, and playing), sensory exploration, sewing and visual arts – there is no limit or restriction on how a person can express themselves and their lived experiences. 

Creative therapies can be a great approach for clients who may feel overwhelmed with substantial psychological or counselling therapy work, are looking for sessions that create a more enjoyable and fun atmosphere or would like to do something therapeutic that doesn’t require lots of talking and ‘problem’ focus.

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