About Michelle

I am a Provisional Psychologist and NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioner with three years clinical experience. I have an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and Counselling and First Class Psychology Honours. 

I chose this pathway after watching the ‘the talking cure’ in action, which highlighted that it is possible to live a rich, full, and meaningful life, despite the challenges inherent in human existence. I have worked with a variety of clients across the lifespan who are experiencing a range of such challenges. This includes a long list of mental health conditions as well as the less defined challenges of life such as grief, stress, relationships, psychosocial difficulties, and behaviours of concern.

I truly believe all humans are worthy, capable, and unique. When a client enters into a therapeutic relationship with me, I offer my ability to listen, empathically and compassionately, without judgement, as well as a compelling sense of possibility and hope. I delight in seeing the moment a client connects with a metaphor, makes sense of a feeling, figures out a thought, or actively takes steps to improve their wellbeing. It’s a privilege to support and accompany someone along their mental health journey.

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