Person Centered Psychology and Counselling

What is person centered psychology and counselling?

TLC’s is about commitment and persistence.  We, as a group of Psychologists and Counselors, show that commitment and persistence every day!

TLC is responsive to your needs and committed to your personal and professional growth in life, but always respecting you as an individual.

We believe we demonstrate these values with our clients and all who work within TLC.

Our provisional, registered and clinical psychologists can develop plans, treatment strategies, psychological assessments and reports with each person in collaborative partnership.

We Offer:

We can work with an extensive list of modalities and treatment approaches and are constantly adjusting and integrating approaches and strategies depending on how the individual is responding and progressing.

Counselling Services

Counselling is an ideal way to support new insights, self awareness and to process experiences and feelings. It can involve talking, learning about theories and how our brains and bodies work, listening and sharing and reflective practices.

As human beings, sharing our thoughts and feelings and being listened to and heard is a deeply healing process.

In this space, we can develop trust and learn how to safely be vulnerable with another person. Our approach to counselling is about looking for strengths and internal resources, honouring a person’s lived experience and supporting them to find the solutions or path forward as the expert in their own life.

Both psychologists and counsellors can deliver counselling in TLC.

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