Behaviour Support

What is a Positive Behavioural Support Plan?

It is an individualised care plan that clearly outlines the challenges being faced and what strategies, tools and supports TLC can provide to overcome them.

Positive Behavioural Support Plans ensures the entire support team within TLC, NDIS and other service providers have a clear understanding of everyone’s goals and support requirements.

Person happy with TLC Behavioural Support Planning

TLC’s process of developing a Positive Behavioural support plan can include the following components:

Most of all, at TLC we ensure everyone feels a sense of ownership over this process so they are empowered to change, grow and evolve.

Positive Behavioural Support Plans and the NDIS

As an accredited NDIS provider, TLC has extensive experience in developing comprehensive support plans in line with NDIS requirements and expectations.

Our team will oversee your plan and all necessary integration with NDIS commissions and portals including reports, updates and regulations.

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