Self-Leadership Program

What is Self Leadership?

Self-leadership is the ability to influence and direct your own thoughts and actions to successfully reach goals and build a satisfying life. This gives you the confidence to make your own decisions, motivate yourself to act, know when to ask for input and/or help, and reward yourself for success


In the workplace, self-leadership is an essential part of leadership development. It creates ownership, confidence within every person skillsets and motivation to act and succeed.




Mentorship Program Process

Our purpose built mentorship program aims to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance oneself; alongside increasing understanding so that people can develop strategies for being more effective and productive in their lives.


Through an individualised development plan, TLC guides you through developing a list of skills, actions and needs that will allow you succeed at work, manage yourself and others more effectively and have a greater sense of purpose and meaning within your professional and personal life.

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