Workplace Mentorship

Turning the Lights on at Work

A motivated employee, manager or leader who is enthusiastic, driven and takes pride in their work. Everyone in the workplace sees this and it really does ‘Turn the Lights On’.


Every person has the capacity to be this person in the workplace and in their personal lives. By creating a sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance, people are able to develop strategies to be more effective and productive in their lives.

Mentorship Program Process

Our mentorship program takes each person through a step-by-step process that supports them to increase their self-awareness and self-acceptance. Through this they are able to develop clear goals and a sense of motivation to achieve.

At the end of the program they will have developed a list of actions based on an awareness of both personal and pro­fessional motivation needs, and ready to explore meaningful choices in their work and professional life.

TLC provides WSQ and EQ testing upcon commencement and completion of the program to measure the impact and progress of each employee. A report is provided to the organisation with program summaries and organizational feedbck to continue developing their staff, community and culture.


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