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Psychology and Counselling Services that empower each individual to live a complete life through trust, acceptance and compassion within their community

Welcome to Transforming Life in Change

TLC supports individuals in their community through holistic counselling and transition services such as psychology, counselling, social work, art therapy and mental health support.

Our philosophy acknowledges change is an inevitable part of life; it is how we experience it that matters.

And so, we support individuals, couples, parents, teens, children and their broader community network to develop resilience, thrive in kindness and empower themselves for life.

Person Centred Counselling

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NDIS Facilitation Services

Social Work Services

Creative Therapy Services

How we help


Our services reflect the depth and diversity of each person’s needs. This ensures we are able to provide a coordinated and cohesive support system that changes, grows and evolves along with the person. 

In addition we provide psychological services, counselling and debriefing services, recovery-focussed support and social capacity development alongside creative expression and therapies.

Sessions are available both in community and at our central Brisbane CBD offices.

Claudia Gibson TLC Director and Psychologist

Through Transforming Life in Change, I invite all to become more self-aware and self-accepting, as well as to draw on their unique strengths to negotiate challenges. The blue butterfly represents this growth through life learnings.

Leslie Galaud Provisional Psychologist

I often remind people that it takes a lot of courage to ask for help and that making a change in one’s life or trying something new, is not easy.

We all have our own struggles, and we all deal with them in different ways. Taking the first step to ask for help is a big achievement.

Alana Bosgra Art Therapist

I find the creative process powerful, and my work involves inviting people to experience the transformative effects of this process.

I work with adults who experience complex mental health challenges, providing an outlet for emotional expression and avenue for enjoyment in daily life.

    Modes of Intervention

    Therapies and Supports

    Our practice is integrative and evidence based. Our team holds decades of experience in a diverse range of modalities, treatments and areas of specialised practice. For the full list of Therapies and Supports please click the link below:

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    Helps people learn how to identify and change thought patterns that have a negative influence on behaviour and emotions.

    Compassion focussed Therapy

    Cultivate skills in compassion and self-compassion, which can help regulate mood and lead to feelings of safety, self-acceptance, and comfort.

    Trauma Focussed Therapy

    Helps people address the impact of traumatic events and learn skills to cope with ordinary life stressors

    Positive Behavioural Therapy

    PBT provides long term support to people who psychological and psychosocial conditions and may be at risk of developing challenging behaviours.

    Solution Focused Therapy

    A future-oriented, goal-directed approach that focuses on strengths rather than weakness or deficits.

    Creative Therapies

    uses art and creative activities as a way of expressing and communicating difficult, confusing or distressing feelings.

    Click below to learn more about TLC Therapies

    NDIS Services

    NDIS Facilitation and Support

    Navigating the NDIS system as a participant or service can be tricky with constant changes and outside factors influencing policies. Since its earliest stages, we have been working effectively with the NDIS system and have developed a proven track record in supporting our clients and service providers to get good outcomes that support the individuals goals and needs. 

    Whether it is as a Support Coordinator, Allied Health Professionals or Support Workers we can help you engage with and understand how to work within the NDIS framework.

    Tools & Assessments


    Our tool kits are designed as modular programs that puts the power back into the hands of the individual. Whether it be social skills, conflict management, reducing anxiety or learning to cook…we have something to support you!


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