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Psychology and Counselling Services

Our team of provisional, registered and clinical psychologists and counsellors are trained in an extnensive list of modalities and treatments that support new insights, self awareness and  process experiences and feelings.

It can involve talking, learning about theories and how our brains and bodies work, listening and sharing and reflective practices. As human beings, sharing our thoughts and feelings and being listened to and heard is a deeply healing process. In this space, we can develop trust and learn how to safely be vulnerable with another person.

Our approach to counselling is about looking for strengths and internal resources, honouring a persons lived experience and supporting them to find the solutions or path forward as the expert in their own life.

Person Centred Psychology and Counseling

Facilitating personal growth and fulfilment through genuineness,
acceptance and empathetic understanding

Positive Behavioural Support Plans

Applying positive practice framework to manage and
prevent behaviours of concern

Relationship Counselling

Our team are experienced to support you
to build stronger relationships

Cognitive and Clinical Assessments

TLC commonly use the industry standard of assessments to better understand each persons skillset and how we can best help

Our Services

Training and Skills Development

Once a treatment or intervention program has been developed, clients and their supports often need practical and skilled help to implement the strategies in day to day life. TLC provides specialised, modular programs designed by qualified mental health experts to develop their confidence in areas such as social skills and capacity, communication and emotion regulation, managing and maintaining healthy relationships, self care and life skills (ie menu planning, cooking and household management).

Group Skills Work

Training helping professionals to understand
and better support their clients

Specialised Recovery Support

TLC provides specialised recovery support and programs developed to support individual capacity.


Supporting allied health professionals
to reach their potential

Our Services

Allied Health Services

Accessibility and equality is important to us and are values that underpin our service model.

Accessibility means that we meet you where it is most comfortable for you – at home, in a park or in our calming clinic space. 

Equality guides us in how we work with you and how we design our services – the individual is the expert in their life and what works (or doesn’t work) for them. It means we offer services and professionals that believe in each person’s fundamental right to be supported and have access to the help they need to reach their potential.

Creative Therapies

Our team use art and creative activities as a way of expressing and communicating difficult, confusing or distressing feelings

Mental Health Social Worker

Social Work is an integrative part of the TLC approach and philosophy

Occupational Therapies

TLC occupational therapists can identify challenges and implement methods that support your participation in the community

Our Services

Professional Development Training

Often organisations need support with staff training and development, conflict resolution, mentoring and performance management and implementing best practice models and policies for managing the wellbeing of staff and clients. TLC can collaborate with you to deliver bespoke training in areas where you may not have the internal expertise, or where there is potential for risk or compliance issues. With our passion for mentoring people to get optimum performance and satisfaction, engage us to remedy problem areas, develop capacity and skills and manage people-impacts of change.

Organisational Psychological Support

TLC collaborates with you to deliver bespoke training for staff training and development, mentoring and performance management and more.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

TLC can support you to get neutral and balanced advice in situations where emotions and behaviours are preventing a productive outcome.

Professional Supervisions

TLC offers professional supervision for provisional and registered psychologists who need to meet the requirements of their registering association.

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Professional Coaching


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