About Claudia

Welcome to Transforming Life in Change! I’m Claudia Gibson, Registered Psychologist, Nurse and Director of TLC.

I have various experiences and a diverse career through the many facets of psychology. I use a practical approach to psychology and offer individuals, communities and organisations respect and dignity while bringing humour and energy in their life

I feel lucky to be living and working my passion and believe that learning creates the excitement in life. As a result, I face challenges with myself and the people around me – including staff and clients – with vitality, optimism, and a strong sense of hope to inspire myself and others to view their lives and experiences as opportunities for lifelong growth.

 Through Transforming Life in Change, I invite all to become more self-aware and self-accepting, as well as to draw on their unique strengths to negotiate challenges. The blue butterfly represents this growth through life learnings.

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