Anthony Sullivan

Provisional Psychologist

AnthonySullivan_TLC_Provisional Psychologist

About Anthony

As a provisional psychologist, what I love most about working with TLC is our commitment to person-centered practice. 

Recognizing that we all go through different transitions in our lives, I get to walk beside people on their journey of self-discovery, as they work together towards getting the most out of life.

I have broad professional and community experience in mental health, disability, and substance recovery and welfare sectors. My qualifications include dual Human Service/Psychology and Creative Art degrees (BHS, UQ 2016, BA hons, UQ 2018; BVA hons, USyd 1995; MFA, UTas ‘2000) & I am an experienced SMART Recovery facilitator.

My personality is passionate, creative, down to earth, emphatic and my practice reflects this. I have a keen professional interest in holistic approaches (dual diagnosis, “complex” needs over functional, mental health and substance use), as well as grief and life transitions.

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